How do I cast my RITA to a Smart TV/Projector?

This requires a compatible device that accepts Miracast connections.

Firstly on the device you want to receive the display on please ensure it is ready to receive a Miracast connection.

If your not sure how to prepare your device to accept a Miracast connection please check its instruction manual

Connecting your RITA

  1. Drag down from the top twice to open the Android system tray.
  2. Look for the following icon and tap on it:
    On a Samsung device the icon will look like this:

    Video Guide:
  3. You may have to tap on the menu dots and tick "Enable Wireless Display"OIP
  4. A list will appear, select the name of your device you would like to cast RITA too and follow the on-screen instructions.
  5. Once connected your RITA device will be mirrored to your external device.